“I felt overwhelmed until Cathy of “A New Leaf” came to my rescue. I had lived in my house for 26 years and wanted to put it up for sale. Every nook and cranny was filled with stuff. I didn’t know how to begin.

Cathy is extremely well organized and meticulous. She came promptly each day with a smile on her face. Together, and with Cathy’s resourcefulness, we were able to separate things into piles for keeping, donating, recycling with little left for garbage. I was finally able to put my house on the market!

I would highly recommend “A New Leaf” if you are looking for some professional assistance organizing.”



“Cathy has helped me immensely with a family member’s move.

Not only is Cathy a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable and proficient at her work, she went above and beyond her duties.  Cathy was able to reuse or donate items to assist other families which meant a great deal to me.

I highly recommend Cathy as her expertise would benefit those who must tackle any type of project.”

Nancy Schreiner, Burlington, ON


“I just want to say thank you to you Cathy for the time you spent here with me, helping me to get started on my organizing. I certainly could have used you for another 2 days, at least, but the one day was such a big help. Your ideas and skills helped get me started on organizing our place…it’s always much easier when working with someone. So, thanks again Cathy and know that I will recommend you to anyone who could use your organization skills. How many of us can’t see the nose in front of our faces until someone like you points out the obvious. I’ll be calling on you again, in the future!”  Sue Brushey, Mississauga,ON


“Thank you for the insightful presentation.  Congratulations!  I am certain that everyone present took something away with them that they identified with and that they could put into practice right away.”  Monica C.


“A New Leaf helped me to purge and organize my cluttered house so we could put it on the market and downsize.  For days after we worked on our previously overstuffed linen closet, I would look in there to see what was possible, it was amazing!  We got help prioritizing which space to tackle first and choosing where things that we decided were no longer needed would go:  donation, consignment or trash/recycling.  That was important to me as I don’t like things to go to waste if they are still usable.  Another hugely helpful thing they did for us was to take our extra stuff away at the end of the session so we would not have to see it or think about it any more!

I would recommend A New Leaf for any organizing or de-cluttering project that seems too big to tackle alone.

“Thank you Cathy!”  Linda, Fergus, ON


“Thanks so much for presenting today.  I am always inspired by your presentations and tips.”  Kristin M.


“You gave me lots of inspiration to get my own place back in order, and all week have been taking a part of my day to just focus on decluttering one small area of my house.  It’s starting to really show now.  I even took a few “Before” pics to see the difference.  Thanks so much for coming and speaking to us.” J.K.


“Congratulations once again for your terrific organizing seminar!  Such helpful information and such a great experience for everyone! Thanks so much for putting that together, everyone I talked to was really pleased to have been there.” Lois  R.


“The challenge was to relocate a business that had been open for 20 years.  I don’t know how I would have done it without Cathy’s help.  It wasn’t what she did, but how she did it that really impressed me.  I was instantly drawn to Cathy – she was very pleasant, warm and easy to talk to.  Cathy has a good heart; she was very understanding, patient and respectful.  Best of all, she kept the process fun and lighthearted, yet she really made me focus and stick to the task at hand.  Everything is neat, beautifully organized and yet still accessible.  I love the end result!  Cathy really can help you turn over a new leaf – with dignity, pride and care.” Susan H.