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10 Things NOT to do this Holiday Season!

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Rachel’s 10 Things to NOT do this Holiday Season (and the one thing to do) is worth reading. 

The One Thing Successful People Never Fail to Do

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Get Productive...In his LinkedIn post “The One Thing Successful People Never Fail To Do,” Bernard Marr talks about “some things that ridiculously successful people do differently.”

What can you do differently in 2014?

What is the True Cost of Stalled Productivity?

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Do you have action items which get stalled? Leslie Shreve of Productive Day provides some useful tips in her article Where Your Productivity Stalls, What it Costs You and What to Do About It.”

What will you change to become more productive in 2014?

Fundamental Feng Shui

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Get Productive...I recently read an article by Jen Nicomedes, a certified Feng Shui and Destiny consultant.

“In feng shui, elementally speaking, the Water Element symbolizes spirituality and wisdom. It helps us foster a deeper sense of self. It is a vehicle that helps us navigate and seek our inner truth and purpose. And it also teaches us to go with the flow of life. While nature has its many gifts, the ocean, in particular, has taught [Jen] a few new things worth sharing. [T]hey are:

  1. Life is not always how you plan it, no matter how much you force or try to control it.”

Click on the link to read Jen’s 10 Truths that will help you through any challenge.

What will you change to become more productive in 2014?

Success is a Series of Habits…

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Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes Magazine wrote two articles which contain a number of great suggestions. Remember–to be successful, it’s best if you try to establish one or two new habits at a time.

16 Things You Should Do At The Start Of Every Work Day

16 Things You Should Do At The End Of Every Work Day

What will you change to become more productive in 2014?

Productivity Poetry from Julie Gray!

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Can you relate to this productivity poetry by Julie Gray of Profound Impact?

Say a prayer
Dive right in
Don’t say a word
It’s time to begin

Go down deep
Turn towards the fear
Sit quietly
And become clear

Forgive what you’ve done
Accept who you are
Let others do the same
The hardest by far

Risk your heart
In more ways than one
This is the year
To show what you’ve become.

What will you change to become more productive in 2014?

Conquering the Chaos!

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Get Productive...Is your life too chaotic most of the time?

If so, take a break! Grab your favourite beverage and sit down with a notepad. Make a list of ALL of the activities in which you, your partner (if applicable) and your children participate.

You’ll likely be surprised by how much the family is actually doing.

Once your list is compiled, ask yourself if it’s realistic. Are you trying to cram in too many activities? Do you need to make some adjustments? Remember that you don’t need to do something just because everyone else is doing it. Try your best not to overschedule. You will thank yourself later, and your life should run more smoothly. Or when the unexpected happens, you’ll be better able to handle whatever comes your way.

Get Productive…By Overcoming Fear!

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Get Productive...Have you accomplished your objectives in the first half of 2013?

If not, is fear holding you back?

Here’s a personal short story about overcoming fear.

At Christmas I received a gift certificate for bungee jumping. I said to my sons, “I don’t know what’s on my bucket list, but I know that bungee jumping isn’t.” Several weeks ago when we were altogether, we set a date for the five of us to go to Quebec. About noon on Sunday, June 30 I conquered my biggest fear. I have never been more scared in my life. But I did it! I took the 200 foot jump!!  OK, it took three countdowns before I actually jumped, but the important thing is that I didn’t let my fear get the better of me.

If I can do it, you can too! I’m almost positive that most of the items on your list aren’t as scary as bungee jumping. So don’t waste any more time procrastinating. As the Nike slogan says, “Just do it”!

“Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs.”
– Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation

Does YOUR business have a “Bucket List?”

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Get Productive...Do you have a Bucket List?

For those of you who don’t know, a bucket list is “a list of things to do before you die.” It comes from the term “kicked the bucket.”

I recently thought if you can have a bucket list for your personal life, why not have a list for your business too!  Think about what you want your business to look like one year from now, 5 years from now and 10 years from now.  Don’t forget to include your “if I only had time” ideas.

As those lazy days of summer approach, take some time to create your Business Bucket List.

Time Choices…from Canada’s Leading Time Manager.

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by Harold Taylor

There are only so many ways that you can use time. Here are the common ones. You will be more effective the further down the list you go.

1. WASTING TIME is giving up some of your time and getting nothing substantial in return.

2. LOSING TIME is being unaware of the passage of time by engaging in activity while the mind is absent.

3. SPENDING TIME is acquiring a completed task or activity in exchange for an equivalent amount of time.

4. BUYING TIME is paying someone else to do things that you would otherwise have to do yourself.

5. INVESTING TIME is gaining more in terms of enjoyment, productivity or purpose than you give up in terms of time.”

Harold Taylor is the leading Canadian time management expert.