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Get Productive...
..…with SEVEN great ways to reduce Holiday Stress!



1.    Set up a Holiday action plan.
Start by determining what activities are most essential to bringing YOU that Holiday joy. Then, set goals based on how you will spend your time doing things that you value. Don’t forget to break down larger goals in smaller and more manageable tasks. Be sure to write them down, and refer to them often.

2.    Keep your plans WITH YOU all of the time.
Include your appointments, task list, gift list (including ideas), contacts and budget notes with you, so that you will be able to make use of this information as you need it.

3.    Spend time daily and weekly to review your plans.
Take time to review your goals. Chart your progress to make sure that you are on track AND that nothing critical gets overlooked. Set deadlines for your goals. Remember to be realistic, AND remember to reward your progress.

4.    Create your Holiday budget AND stick to it.
Determine how much will you spend in total and for each person on your gift list. Take your budget with you, and keep track of what you’ve spent. Be sure to include an allowance in your budget for unforeseen circumstances like forgetting to include a person on your list, price increases, shipping costs and sales ending too soon.

5.    Keep gift buying as simple as possible.
Limit the number of stores  as well as the amount of time spent in each one. Online buying is a good alternative as long as you allow extra time and consider shipping costs in your budget. Follow your plan as closely as you can. Include some flexibility, so you still enjoy your gift buying experience.

6.    Focus your time between work and play.
When you are working, don’t focus on your personal life and your never-ending to-do list. Do your best to leave work on time, so you CAN get those things done. Try to focus ONLY on family and friends while you are spending time with them.

7.    Take time for your own personal well-being.
Whenever you are feeling stressed, take time to relax and refocus. Schedule time for self-renewal, exercise and healthy eating. If you can’t get everything done, focus on the things that matter most to you.

When you plan in advance and manage your time based on what is most important to you, you will have less stress and more peace during the Holidays AND in the New Year ahead.

Does YOUR Business Need to Turn Over A New Leaf?

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compass_slantedAre you a business owner whose days fly by in a whirlwind?

Do you feel like you are SO close to realizing your entrepreneurial dreams…but just not quite close enough?

Why not learn the 10 Secrets of Outrageously Successful Business Owners from Neworld Coaching? 

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GET PRODUCTIVE…It All Starts With A Plan

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Get Productive...

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

– Chinese Proverb

Check out Coaching Positive Performance’s 7 Tips in How to plan for a productive day.

The majority of people have too many items on their To Do List. Daunting lists can be overwhelming and make it more difficult to get started with accomplishing those tasks.

Check out Leslie Shreve’s article What NOT to Use in Your Task List and Why.

Ask yourself, “How can I be more productive?”

How CAN We Use Time More Efficiently?

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Get Productive...

  I know it’s summer, and for many people, it’s likely the time
  of year when you feel most lazy. If you’re on holidays, that’s

  If you’re supposed to be working, it’s a different story.

How well do you manage your time?

Check out Lolly Daskal’s short article 7 Time Management Mistakes That Are a Complete Waste of Time.

Ask yourself, “How can I be more productive?”

Countdown to Tax Time!

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Get Productive...Whether you’re a small business owner or not, that dreaded
time of the year is closing in–TAX TIME. Clients tell me that
tax time is one of the most stressful times of the year. Don’t
get caught scrambling to complete your taxes.
Schedule time in your calendar or planner, and start
gathering up your paperwork.

There are simple ways to keep your paperwork organized. Yes–even a shoebox is OK–especially if all of your tax papers are contained in that shoebox. And I’m serious when I say that. If your papers are scattered everywhere, it becomes difficult to complete your taxes and ensure that you have all of the receipts required for your deductions.

Nothing is more overwhelming than getting behind in filing your tax returns. Don’t wait for Canada Revenue to come knocking on your door. If you need assistance, start now. A New Leaf would be happy to provide assistance if needed.

On a completely different note, staying healthy is necessary in order to be
productive. When was the last time you cleaned your phone or your keyboard? You probably don’t want to know how many germs are on those surfaces. David Caolo shares his tips for Keeping your tech gadgets clean.

5 Things You MUST Automate!

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anl_clock2 (150 x 100)     Business owners are always looking for ways to be more

     Check out systems rock’s How to be More Productive: 5
.Things You Must Automate

Is there one idea you like? Try it! You just might improve your productivity!

Website Improvements

Does your business have a website? Is updating your website on your to-do list in 2015? Would a website assessment be helpful? BDC offers a free and easy website assessment tool.

Get Productive With Delegation

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Get Productive...



“Entrepreneurs often want to control every aspect of their business, but delegating is essential for promoting growth and keeping employees motivated. [Check out these] … 9 key strategies to help you strike a balance between maintaining control and delegating efficiently.”
This BDC article provides 9 ways to strengthen your business through better delegation.

In The jobs only you can do, Seth Godin discusses the potential results when you delegate.

Can you improve your productivity through delegation?

10 Things NOT to do this Holiday Season!

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Get Productive...

Rachel’s 10 Things to NOT do this Holiday Season (and the one thing to do) is worth reading. 

The One Thing Successful People Never Fail to Do

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Get Productive...In his LinkedIn post “The One Thing Successful People Never Fail To Do,” Bernard Marr talks about “some things that ridiculously successful people do differently.”

What can you do differently in 2014?

What is the True Cost of Stalled Productivity?

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Get Productive...

Do you have action items which get stalled? Leslie Shreve of Productive Day provides some useful tips in her article Where Your Productivity Stalls, What it Costs You and What to Do About It.”

What will you change to become more productive in 2014?