Melted Snowman Cookies… oh my!

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Anyone who knows me knows that I love snowmen. I couldn’t resist sharing this recipe for Easy Melted Snowman Cookies!

Check out this fun way to serve veggies and dip during the holidays.

For more healthy and delicious recipes, check out our Archives!

Expert Advice from a Financial Planner

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This month Steve Bentley, CFP, of Northern River Financial shares his Smart Christmas Spending blog post.

What’s one thing that people do not want to experience during the Christmas season? Stress! The current commercial buildup to the festive season is so intense that some people get more stressed the closer it gets. The holiday should be about family, friends and thankfulness. Instead it is often one big sales pitch.

Maybe it is the season to start trimming your budget and not just your tree. Canadian Living magazine reported that the average adult plans to spend $766 on holiday gifts in 2016. That’s a huge chunk of change. About 27 percent will spend over $800, while 23 percent will spend $200 or less. This is indicative of the changing public mindset of spending. Consumers with big eyes are now wary of a volatile economy and consequently putting too much of the holiday season on plastic. This means more restricted budgets.

Click to read the rest of Steve’s Smart Christmas Spending post and learn several ways to keep your spending under control this December.

Northern River Financial is an integrated financial life planning firm with over 25 years of building long-term trusting relationships. We partner with some of the largest brokerages and financial services firms in Ontario and have the expertise to accommodate the needs and goals of both aspiring and seasoned clients. Our vision is inspired by our deep-rooted philosophy to enhance and enrich the lives of our clients and their families through diligent life planning, exploring new opportunities, and providing prudent advice and integrated well-managed solutions.

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Lets be thankful!

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Get Productive...  I’ve shared numerous ways to improve your productivity this year.

For the remainder of 2016, give thanks for everything you’ve accomplished. Remember to thank those who have been a part of those accomplishments.

AJ Cronin

“Gratitude is something of which none of us can give too much. For on the smiles, the thanks we give, our little gestures of appreciation, our neighbors build their philosophy of life.”

~A. J. Cronin, Scottish novelist

A Quote from Giada De Laurentis

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get motivated


The Perfect Holiday!

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Another year is quickly drawing to a close. It’s a busy time of the year for everyone. Stop and take five minutes out of your hectic day and pause.

Recall your favourite holiday times as a child. Our recent snowfall makes me want to bundle up and build a snowman or make snow angels with the two little ones next door. They were so excited when they received an early gift this weekend–a new puppy. Watching Murphy chase them around in the snow was priceless!

Are you looking forward to 2017? Are the holidays getting you down?

Do you …

  • always overspend during the holidays?
  • feel like you’re singlehandedly keeping the local economy afloat?
  • regret the incoming bills in January …and February … and March?

Take a step back, reflect and make a conscious decision to do things differently this year. Perhaps this edition’s articles will help shift your perspective. Remember–it takes time to incorporate changes into your lifestyle. Small gradual changes usually produce better long-term results.

All the Things You Don’t Need for a Perfect Holiday

The Case Against Buying Christmas Presents

Here are some suggestions for clutterfree, low-cost and no-cost gifts. There’s no shortage of ideas!

The Best ClutterFree Gifts

18 Excellent Gifts for Kids That Aren’t Even Toys

The Gift of Doing

What Random Act of Kindness will you do over the holidays? Everyone knows someone who is less fortunate. What can you do to brighten their day?

Kindness Advent Calendar

13 Children’s Books That Encourage Kindness Towards Others

It is my hope that you can enjoy some relaxing time with your family, friends and neighbours–whoever means the most to you–in the remaining weeks of 2016.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at A New Leaf Organizers!

Cranberry Orange Cake

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This Cranberry Orange Cake sounds perfect for the holidays!

If you would like to bake some new kinds of cookies this year, check out these Fancy Christmas Cookies.

Check out this super easy Candy Cane Wreath–and the other seasonal ones!

It’s never too late to make healthier choices!

A Quote from May Wang

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May Wang Quote


Think you can’t accomplish much in 15 minutes? Think again! Check out Lisa Rabasco Roepe’s article Got 15 Spare Minutes? Here’s How To Make It Count.”


A Gift Anyone Can Appreciate

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This year, give the gift of organization to a friend–or even yourself–from A New Leaf Organizers!

CLICK HERE for more information.

Holiday Checklist

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Get Checking...


Use our archived blog posts Planning for the Holidays Part 1 and Part 2 to help create your own checklist. There’s never a shortage of items to complete at this busy time of year!


Productivity Hacks

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Get Productive...

Larry Kim shares some great ideas in 23 Productivity Hacks That Will Actually Make You Happy. I love that there’s also an infographic format–which can be printed off and posted in your office!

Ask yourself, “How can I be more productive?”