Checklists for University and College!

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Do you have a child heading off to college or university?

Here’s a link to Bed Bath & Beyond’s Campus Checklist and Apartment Checklist.

Here’s a link to Solutions Stores’ Tips to surviving Dorm life 101.

Check out our Homework and Study Area Checklist.


Back to School Prep!

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Check out Good Housekeeping’s 25 Tips to Breeze Through Back-toSchool Prep Like a Boss.

Check out Seana Turner’s tips for Managing Children’s Clothing.


Get Motivated with Tom Bodett!

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Tom Bodett quote


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It’s that time of year again. The relaxing days of summer are almost behind us. We’ve had such a warm summer already!

If you plan ahead, you’ll be ready for the first day of school.

Let’s get started and turn over another leaf! 



  • Don’t wait until the night before school starts to try and get your children into their back-to-school routine. Start a week or two before.
  • The morning routine is under your control. Everyone will have a better day if it starts out calmly.


Have your children try on all of their clothing to see what still fits. Make a list of what is needed.

School Supplies

Has the school provided a list of supplies that will be required?

  • First, take inventory of the supplies you currently have. You may not need as many supplies as you think. Check out Katy Wolk-Stanley’s Just Say No to Unnecessary Brand New School Supplies!
  • Stock up during the back-to-school sales. Keep in mind that saving a couple of dollars by running from store to store may not be worth the extra effort involved. Remember–your time is valuable!

If you can, support a School Supply Drive in your area. There are always children in need.

Ensure that backpacks are the correct size for your children.

  • Let them choose one with your help; if they like it, they’ll be more likely to use it and less likely to lose it.


Keep your cupboards well stocked with lunch items.

  • Single-serving sizes may be more convenient, but they are more costly. Buying in bulk can cost less—if you have sufficient storage space.
  • Keep a pen and paper handy in or near your pantry to note items that are running low.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of making lunches every day–try to make them litter-less.


Don’t forget to label all items your children take to school which need to be brought home each night or week.


Have a designated spot for each child’s coat, mittens, boots, backpack and sports equipment.

Homework and Study Area

Make sure that your children have an area to do homework or study that is free from clutter, comfortable, well-lit and as quiet as possible.

  • Pens, pencils, erasers, coloured pencils, markers, paper, glue, stapler, ruler, calculator, tape, scissors, etc. should all have a designated spot. If you’re limited for space, a rolling cart with drawers is great for storing art and school supplies.
  • Keep reference materials handy, so children aren’t distracted by having to look for these items.

Calendar and Scheduling

All activities should be put onto one calendar.

  • Keeping more than one calendar is difficult; it usually results in missed appointments.
  • Label each family member’s activities in a different colour; let your children pick their favourite colour.
  • Limit extra-curricular activities for each child. Try not to overschedule.

Your children need some time to just be kids!

Until next month,

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Healthy Summer Recipes!

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Thanks to Dawn Fletcher for sharing her recipe!


  • 1 bunch fresh broccoli (cut into flowerettes)
  • 1 small red onion
  • 8 strips bacon (fried and crumbled)
  • sunflower seeds
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup sugar (we use our No-Sugar Sugar)
  • 1 tbsp vinegar

Mix all ingredients and combine approximately 6 hours before serving.



Nothing’s better than an ice-cold glass of lemonade to quench your thirst on a hot summer day! This recipe (from our archives) was generously provided by Chef Dierre of Never Enough Thyme Catering.

In a water jug combine:

  • 5 lemons squeezed – 2 lemons sliced
  • agave syrup – 1/4 cup OR sugar – 1/2 cup to taste

First, squeeze the lemons into the water jug. Slice the lemon into wedges and place in the jug. Add 1/2 cup of sugar or the agave syrup. Stir well and place in the sunlight for a few hours. (This is where the anticipation comes!) Pour into a glass filled with ice and enjoy!

For more recipes, check out our GET HEALTHY archives.

Find Out What’s New…

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What’s Happening?
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Checklists for Vacations and Packing!

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Don’t forget to check out our Vacation Planning Checklist as well as our Packing Checklist.

The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Entrepreneurs!

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If you’re a person who feels guilty taking a break away from the office in the summer, feel less guilty and check out William Vanderbloemen’s The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Entrepreneurs.

Get Motivated with John Lubbock!

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John Lubbock Quote


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Cathy Mendler SUMMER IS HERE!

Summer has arrived–with its high temperatures and humidity.

Whether you’re taking day trips or a lengthy vacation, going to the beach or just trying to stay cool, remember to have fun! And don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Let’s get started and turn over another leaf! 


Warm summer days make it easier to work on outdoor projects.  


Be realistic about how many projects you can handle. If you’ve chosen a stay-at-home vacation this year, you don’t want to spend your whole time working!


“I still think of summer as the best time to read for fun.”  Margaret Haddix

Before pulling up a lawn chair and grabbing a book you haven’t read yet, sort through your bookcase. Donate your used books to friends, neighbours or your favourite charity.

Organize your books by category, alphabetically or by author. Leave some space on your shelves for new purchases. Or sign up for a library card and borrow books–saving yourself some money!


Summer can be the perfect time to get caught up with your magazine reading. When you only have a few minutes to read, short magazine articles are often best.

When you pick up a magazine at the store or your new issue arrives in the mail, put it in your designated reading area. If you haven’t read an issue by the time the next one arrives, you probably won’t read it–give it to a friend or recycle it.


When you get together with family and friends–especially if a reunion is on your schedule–spend a couple of hours reminiscing and sort through your old photos. There may be photos you don’t wish to keep, but someone else might appreciate them.

Photographs can be organized in a number of ways. Organize them by child, family, friends, decades, vacations, etc. Store photographs in mylar albums or acidfree photo boxes; plastic or painted metal boxes can cause photos to deteriorate.

Transfer old home movies onto DVDs. There are a number of businesses that provide this service if you don’t want to attempt it yourself. It’s also a great gift idea.


Spending time in your garden is a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh air. Take photos of your garden during the summer months. If you like to plan next year’s garden during the winter, photos will come in handy. Make some notes; they’ll help you decide what you liked or what you’d like to do differently next year.


Organizing the garage can be a very big undertaking. Click here for our tips.

Outdoor Projects

Make a list of all your outdoor projects–paint garage doors, stain deck or refinish a chair. Our warm weather never seems to last long enough to accomplish everything we want to do. 

Reward Yourself

The best part about summer projects is that you get to spend some time outside. Plan a fun activity for the whole family–head to your favourite place for ice cream, a picnic in the park or an outing to the beach–after the hard work is finished.

Until next month,

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